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GEM-2 Specifications

Operating Mode: Frequency Domain
Number of frequencies: Standard: programmable up to 10 simultaneous  frequencies
Bandwidth: 25 Hz to 96 kHz
Sampling rate: 30 Hz or 25 Hz
Ski dimensions: 185 cm. x 12.5 cm.
Coil configuration: coplanar
Maximum TX moment: 3 Amp-meters2 at 330 Hz
Rechargeable battery: 12 VDC
Outputs: Inphase and quadrature response in ppm
Powerline amplitude
Communications: BlueTooth or RS232 for computer
Powered serial for GPS
Standard Gem-2 Includes: Ski with electronics console
Data logger, set up and tested
carrying strap
extra battery
battery charger
calibration ferrite
soft case
calibration & setup
software CD
quickstart guide
Optional extras: Extra battery
Extra battery charger
Extra calibration ferrite
Modified Garmin GPS for powered operation from the GEM2
Upgrade to aluminum hard shell carry case
One-day training at Geophex location


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