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GEM-2 Specifications

Operating Mode: Frequency Domain
Number of frequencies: Lite: 3, fixed
Standard: programmable up to 10 simultaneous  frequencies
Bandwidth: 30 Hz to 93 kHz
Sampling rate: 30 Hz or 25 Hz
Ski dimensions: 185 cm. x 12.5 cm.
Coil configuration: coplanar
Maximum TX moment: 3 Amp-meters2 at 330 Hz
Rechargeable battery: 12 VDC
Outputs: Inphase and quadrature response in ppm
Powerline amplitude
Communications: BlueTooth with the PDA (or computer)
RS232 for computer
Powered serial for GPS
Standard Gem-2 Includes: Ski and electronics console
Socket 655 data logger
carrying strap
extra battery
battery charger
calibration ferrite
soft case
calibration & setup
software CD
quickstart guide
Optional extras: Extra battery
Extra battery charger
Extra calibration ferrite
Replacement Socket 655 data logger, set up and tested
Upgrade to Trimble Recon XXX instead of Socket 655
Modified Garmin GPS for powered operation from the GEM2
Upgrade to aluminum hard shell carry case
One-day training at Geophex location


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