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GEM-3R Specifications

Data given for standard model - we will modify to meet your requirements

Operating Mode: Frequency Domain
Number of frequencies: Up to 10 simultaneous frequencies
Bandwidth: 30 Hz to 93 kHz
Sampling rate: 30 Hz or 25 Hz
Transmitter dimensions: 100 cm. x 75 cm.
Maximum TX moment: 65 Amp-meters2 at 450 Hz
Rechargeable battery: 12 VDC
Outputs: Inphase and quadrature in ppm
Apparent conductivity
Magnetic susceptibility
Powerline amplitude
Communications: BlueTooth with the PDA (or computer)
RS232 for computer
Powered RS-232 input for GPS


  • Cart-mounted electronics enclosure with easy battery-pack replacement
  • PDA as the user interface with full functionality
  • External GPS connector with 12V power available
  • Dead-reckoning survey option
  • Bluetooth communication to the PDA and RS232 serial ports to any other external devices
  • Real time “data-painting” of the survey area for quick view and evaluation

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