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Hand-held Gem-2 Ski

The GEM-2 Ski is our best-selling product. Its portability and flexibility make it the go-to multi-tool of the industry.

Because it is comfortable to carry and has a field-swappable battery, extended surveys are no problem. Its powerful transmitter and wide coil separation allow scanning to depths up to 10 meters, depending on soil conditions. Depending on the model, it can use up to 10 simultaneous frequencies from 25 Hz to 96 kHz.

Frequency programmability allows you to tailor detection to your intended targets and environmental conditions. The frequencies can also be programmed to mimic the configuration of other instruments, possibly replacing several instruments with one GEM-2 ski. The extended frequency range also provides unique detection capabilities.

The GEM-2 package consists of the sensor boom (ski) with electronics console/logger with option to realtime plotting the response on the acompanying android phone, 2 batteries, battery charger, shoulder strap and a carrying case. It includes operating software and inversions computation package. The sensor is factory calibrated and preconfigured for immediate use.

RS-232 input for real time GPS navigation
User Interface: On sensor push button with status indicators and ruggedized Android phone
Data logged media: USB memory stick
Communication: Bluetooth with Android phone and Computer or RS232 with Computer
Data Output: binary or CSV/text

The GEM 2 is suitable for investigations in:
  • Soil contamination from brine or chemicals
  • Leakage from tanks or ponds
  • Location of abandoned landfills and facilities
  • Identification of underground structures
  • Geology
  • Groundwater
  • Precision agriculture
  • Forensic investigation and archaeology
  • Geotechnical education

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