The GEM-2A is our standard airborne instrument. It is a programmable, broadband EM sensor for Geologic investigation, ground water surveys, and mineral exploration. The system utilizes a single set of transmitter-receiver coils for all frequencies, rendering an advanced HEM system with high sensitivity, light weight, and minimal drift. The frequencies are selectable and it also includes power line monitoring.

The GEM-2A has both horizontal coplanar and coaxial coil sets The tow cable provides DC power and digital communications.

The software also converts the data to apparent conductivity at each frequency and to apparent susceptibility at the lowest frequency.

  • Programmable Frequencies, Light Weight, Easy to Transport
  • Simple to Fly, No Onboard Operator
  • Passive powerline monitoring
  • Coherent drift characteristics among frequencies
  • Spectral integrity for anomaly classification and discrimination
  • Tolerance to sferics and power line noise
  • Light tow-body with minimal cockpit hardware to fit in a small helicopter

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