GEM-5 Array

The GEM-5 array is a vehicle-mounted or vehicle-towed gradiometer sensor for rapid ground coverage. It has a transmitter in the middle straddled by two identical receiver coils below and above. The difference between the two receiver coils constitutes the signal. The gradiometer configuration has the following advantages:

  • Vertical directional response, not affected by targets to the side, ideal for vehicle mounting
  • Immunity to noise induced by sensor motion
  • Immunity to ambient environmental EM noise
  • Immunities provide improved signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)

The array has the following advantages:

  • Maximum possible transmitter moment for a given array size
  • Broadband, up to 10 frequencies between 30Hz – 93kHz
  • Multiple receiver channels operating simultaneously;
  • High-speed survey with high data density

Many configurations are possible.

For an explanation of the GEM-2, GEM3 and GEM5 configurations, see the document Sensor Configurations.

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