Hand-held Gem-2 Ski

The GEM-2 is our best-selling product. The GEM-2 measures apparent electrical conductivity and magnetic susceptibility of the ground and will detect metals and voids in the ground. Its powerful transmitter and wide coil separation allows scanning to depths up to 10 meters.

The GEM-2 is designed to bring cutting-edge technology with simplicity of use. The light-weight GEM-2 (3.6kg) can be used as a handheld or UAV sensor with the optional UAV Kit Package.


  • Frequency domain operation at up to 10 simultaneous frequencies
  • Real time positioning with GPS receiver
  • Real-time El. Conductivity/Mag. susceptibility
  • Optional txt-formatted output
  • Frequency range 30Hz-93kHz
  • Weight 3.6 kg
  • Dims: L 183cm, W 12.5cm

Frequency programmability allows you to tailor detection to your intended targets and environmental conditions. The frequencies can also be programmed to mimic the configuration of other instruments, possibly replacing several instruments with one GEM-2 ski. The extended frequency range also provides unique detection capabilities.

Data logging direct to USB stick and/or real-time Android smartphone display with GEMex software application, EMExport and Inversion utilities

GEM-2 Package includes: Ski with electronics console with USB stick, Smartphone with Android GEMex software application, EMExport and Inversion utilities, GPS unit, (2) rechargeable batteries, battery charger, shoulder strap, hard shell carrying tube and accessory bag.

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