Hand-held Gem-3

The hand-held GEM-3 uses the same electronics and firmware as our GEM-2 ski, so its features and options are comparable. Because it is comfortable to carry and has a field-swappable battery, extended surveys are no problem.

It is available with 3 different diameters of sensing head: 30, 40 and 65 cm. The larger diameters provide more moment for greater depth penetration, while the smaller diameters are better for localization and target discrimination.

Depending on the model, it can use up to 10 simultaneous frequencies from 30 Hz to 93 kHz.

The GEM-3 produces inphase and quadrature data at each frequency. Inphase data is sensitive to earth’s electrical conductivity and magnetic susceptibility. Therefore, over highly conductive and/or magnetic soil, the inphase data is often too sensitive to sensor height to be a stable detection indicator.

The quadrature data, however, are insensitive to the height variations and, thus, provide reliable detection. The sum of all quadrature data is an excellent detection indicator in magnetic and/or conductive geology.

Frequency programmability allows you to tailor detection to your intended targets and environmental conditions. The frequencies can also be programmed to mimic the response of other fixed-frequency instruments.

The GEM-3 package consists of the complete sensor assembly with electronics console, a dedicated data collection computer (Socket standard), a battery charger, and a shoulder strap. It also includes a calibration ferrite and CDROM containing the manual and the operating software. The data collection computer is preconfigured and tested for immediate use.

RS-232 input for real time GPS navigation
User Interface and data Logger: Socket PDA
Communication: Bluetooth with the PDA and Computer or RS232

The GEM-3 is suitable for investigations in:

  • Ferrous/non-ferrous metal detection
  • Location of environmental contaminations
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Soil science
  • Archaeology
  • Continuous EM induction spectroscopy (EMIS)

GEM-3 with locator

The GEM-3 can be combined with Geophex’s revolutionary locator that enables the operator to visualize ground image on a HUD or PDA screen while sweeping for buried objects. This is done by painting the screen in real time using a proprietary local navigation method. Optionally, a GPR (ground penetrating radar) sensor can be integrated into the sensor also. Call for more information.

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