Each undersea sensor is custom built for a specific application, but our standard components reduce the time and cost of any project

System Design

The most fundamental part of any EM instrument is the construction and location of the various coils. Based on customer requirements, our experts will first design the coil dimensions, constructional details and their relative locations. Then we work with the customer to develop the best physical construction for their application

Electronics enclosure

This is a standard package of electronics inside a pressure-resistant housing (rated to 1+ km depth). It contains a DC-DC power converter, DSP (digital signal processing) board, transmitter and cooling fan. The housing is equipped with the following SubConn connectors:

  • Receive coil
  • Reference coil
  • Transmit coil (2)
  • Power and communications

Electronics package (optional)

For those wishing to include our electronics with other equipment within their own housing, we also offer the complete and tested electronics package mounted to an aluminum baseplate

Hardened coil assemblies

We provide the Receive coil and Reference coil as a modular, pressure resistant fiberglass assembly equipped with a low profile SubConn connector.

Transmit coil

The transmit coil may be large and difficult to ship as one piece; it is usually shipped as parts for final assembly at the survey site. Our designs can make this easy.

Connecting cables

These are custom built to the required lengths and encapsulated in the factory for deep water operation.

Geophex undersea sensors at work

Electronics housing mounted inside an undersea sled
1 meter coil assembly inside the sled
A 2 x 3 meter sensor. RX and Ref coils are red.
A 3.4 meter diameter sensor

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