The use of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicle) for conducting EM surveys is receiving a lot of interest. Using a UAV to carry the survey instrument allows the surveyor to cover more ground, survey in areas that are not amenable to ground vehicles, or survey areas of unstable ground too dangerous for manned operations. For many surveys with these characteristics, our GEM2 ski is the ideal instrument. It is suitable for:

  • locating underground pipes, tanks & other structures
  • locating pipelines & other features in shallow water
  • monitoring leach heaps, lagoons and buried tanks
  • locating groundwater contamination from brine or chemicals

To help those interested in aerial applications of the GEM2, we have developed several lightweight versions of our instruments Contact us for more information.

NEWS: Breakthrough EM survey from a UAV

Congratulations to American Unmanned Systems ( ) for being the first to successfully conduct a UAV-based EM survey, using their Guardian Eagle autopiloted helicopter. They flew a completely standard GEM-2 ski rigidly attached underneath the helicopter, identifying both known and unknown targets.

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